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Another treatment taking the Beauty industry by storm is the LVL Lash Lift. This fantastic treatment works by straightening the lashes creating the appearance of naturally curled, lengthened and voluminous lashes.

The treatment starts by pulling the lashes back onto a silicon shield. There are three different sizes of shield available and depending on the length of your lashes and the lift you want to achieve this will determine which size we will use.

Once the lashes are securely bonded to the silicon shield I will start by using a Lifting Balm at the base of your lashes. The balm breaks down the bonds of the lashes enabling them to be restructured into a new shape.

The next step is to use a Volumising Fix. This serum repairs the broken sulphide bonds into the shape we require, resulting in the ultimate lift.

I will then tint the lashes and finally finish off the treatment with a Moisturising Serum. This serum has a dual function; to remove any tint & bond, allowing the lashes to lift from the silicon shield and it also nourishes the lashes with oils and moisture, leaving your lashes in tip top condition.

It is advised to keep the lashes dry for the following 24 hours to get the most out of the treatment. After this time, you can treat your lashes as normal – use mascara, cleanse etc.

From experience, those who don’t usually wear makeup during the day find that the treatment has effectively opened up the eye area and is a low maintenance way of looking more awake. I personally find that I prefer to continue wearing mascara and my lashes never look so long, separated and voluminous! However, it is completely personal preference.

For best results, there is a Conditioning Serum which helps keep lashes looking healthy and shiny. I will be posting a review on this product in due course so keep a look out for that one!

I hope this info helps and gives you a bit of an insight into this treatment that I literally can’t live without!

Emma x

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