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I am one of those people who cannot be without a perfect manicure. In fact, I am forever painting my nails because I love experimenting with hand drawn nail art ideas so much. Shellac is my holy grail – my natural nails are long, strong and healthy thanks to this product.

Just a little bit of info about Shellac; Shellac is a Gel Polish. If you look after your nails well, you could benefit from a perfect manicure and nail art for up to four weeks. The Gel Polish can then be soaked off, which takes about 10 minutes, and re-applied with minimum damage to the natural nails. Most people can grow and strengthen their nails with regular Shellac Manicures.

Here are a few nail art examples:

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Ever tried the High Definition Eye & Brow Palette? It is fast becoming my holy grail for creating well groomed and defined eyebrows. Although this product states that it is an eyebrow palette, the powders actually triple up as amazing eyeshadows and eyeliners as well.

Within the palette there is one highlighting shade – perfect for either highlighting underneath the brow or as an all over lid colour. Three colour powders for filling in those sparse areas in your brows, creating the perfect smoky look or using the darkest colour to use as an eyeliner with a wet brush. Finally, at the end of the palette is the wax for keeping the brows in place.

The palette comes with a double ended brush – one end has a fluffy blending brush and the other has the tiniest angled brush, which is amazing for mimicking hair strokes.

So, if you’re interested in this palette, below are some examples of looks you could achieve. There are three different colour shades available – Bombshell, Foxy & Vamp and it is priced at £25, available from me!



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Another treatment taking the Beauty industry by storm is the LVL Lash Lift. This fantastic treatment works by straightening the lashes creating the appearance of naturally curled, lengthened and voluminous lashes.

The treatment starts by pulling the lashes back onto a silicon shield. There are three different sizes of shield available and depending on the length of your lashes and the lift you want to achieve this will determine which size we will use.

Once the lashes are securely bonded to the silicon shield I will start by using a Lifting Balm at the base of your lashes. The balm breaks down the bonds of the lashes enabling them to be restructured into a new shape.

The next step is to use a Volumising Fix. This serum repairs the broken sulphide bonds into the shape we require, resulting in the ultimate lift.

I will then tint the lashes and finally finish off the treatment with a Moisturising Serum. This serum has a dual function; to remove any tint & bond, allowing the lashes to lift from the silicon shield and it also nourishes the lashes with oils and moisture, leaving your lashes in tip top condition.

It is advised to keep the lashes dry for the following 24 hours to get the most out of the treatment. After this time, you can treat your lashes as normal – use mascara, cleanse etc.

From experience, those who don’t usually wear makeup during the day find that the treatment has effectively opened up the eye area and is a low maintenance way of looking more awake. I personally find that I prefer to continue wearing mascara and my lashes never look so long, separated and voluminous! However, it is completely personal preference.

For best results, there is a Conditioning Serum which helps keep lashes looking healthy and shiny. I will be posting a review on this product in due course so keep a look out for that one!

I hope this info helps and gives you a bit of an insight into this treatment that I literally can’t live without!

Emma x

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Over the last couple of years, HD Brows has grown vastly and today is considered one of the leaders in its respective field.

HD Brows is more than a simple eyebrow wax and a tint – there are 7 steps to this fantastic treatment and all compliment each other. For those of you who have never given HD Brows a try, I urge you take the plunge, you won’t be disappointed…

The HD Brow procedure begins with a thorough consultation. If you are scared you will end up with the dreaded scouse brow, fear not! The consultation is designed to establish your expectations and ultimate brow desires; if you want a soft and gentle brow, then this is what we will work to achieve.

The second step is to mark out and measure the shape that your brow will take. I will do this using your facial features ensuring that your brow is unique and individual. It is important to understand that no two brows will be identical, just like no facial structure is identical.

Step three is about waxing around the lines I have measured, ensuring that we keep that perfect shape. I will take the wax off in small stages, so if you are a little apprehensive about the waxing, don’t worry!11002592_1792878374270067_237673839969812241_n

After waxing, I will thread all of the finer, more downy hairs surrounding the brow. When a brow is waxed, it leaves quite a harsh line. This line is perfect for your brow as this will help with the definition, but the fine hairs above the brow need to taper and blend away.

Step five and six are tweezing and cutting. I tend to find that tweezing the odd stray is always necessary but cutting is not always essential, especially when we are trying to thicken the brows.

Finally, step seven is the use of finishing products. Although makeup is important to finalise the look, it is also important to understand that makeup should only be used to fill in sparse areas. The ultimate aim would be to grow the hairs in where they are lacking slightly and then the makeup can be as minimal and low maintenance as you like, depending on your preference of brow, of course (natural or glam).

Now, after all of these steps are complete, you will be on your way to perfectly defined and bespoke eyebrows. Just remember, you may not achieve the look you are hoping for straight away. This is why HD Brow technicians are taught to put clients on regrowth programs when 12003322_1908172516073985_6770238179922021645_nrequired. This basically means that upon each treatment I will note down the areas where the hairs need to regrow and together we will work towards filling these areas in.

I will shortly be doing some product reviews for HD Brow products, the good and the bad, I will be sure to let you all know my honest opinions.

I hope this information is useful for anyone wishing to experience the HD Brow treatment, but for any further information, just give me a ring, email me or send a quick message through my contact form.

Emma x

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